Tides of Terror

Diary of Dr. Lambent

Session 6

Curse those incompetent dwarves! It was problem enough that the people at the Sanatorium lost that demon child, but the temple he was sent after his capture lost him as well! I was sent to take Mitchel to trial after all of his years without being able to recover after he murdered his family, little did I know that I would be traipsing around the world searching for him, all while he kills innocents along the way.

I arrived at Seawell nearly a week ago, and was given the aid of a local Paladin, but we were unable to find him at his old house. I ten went to search for the killer in the town, but I have come to learn that he attacked an inn where the paladin and his comrades took the madman down. As I’ve stated earlier, this was all for naught, as Mitchel easily escaped.

I believe that the Miles boy went up north, so I hired the Paladin and his allies to take me in chase of the depraved man. Along the way, we met a curious fellow who warned us of dire consequences. That, coupled with the uncharacteristic appearance of an Onikage in untainted lands, and the strange appearance of monstrous centipedes in the open, leads me to believe something terrible is on the horizon.

We arrived at the town of Newkeep, where we witnessed the tail-end of an Ettin attack. I found out that one of the victims of this beast was a stranger who vaguely matched Mitchel’s description. Unfortunately, the locals were not keen on digging up any bodies until the Ettin was taken care of.



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