Tides of Terror

Elana's View

Elana's Adventure Log(Session 5)

Its seems like worlds ago when I first went through the transformation process. I remember waiting and hoping that the heroes would return to fix the devil’s doing. I waited for years just sculpting in my new home.It seemed as it were only yesterday I began to play with psionic formation and creation. But today is the day when I finally travel to improve upon my skills and attempt to be what those heroes were, they day I begin to fight for my father and all who suffered from that monster. I boarded a ship headed to a small coastal town on a more dangerous part of the world hoping to hone my skills. Along the way some folk were found drifting in the sea, a young man and a elf. Fortunately for them they were okay. As the boat continued it crashed on a sand bar and pirates stormed a ship. Some poor soul ran to fight but was quickly killed. I created my powerful construct to battle the scumbags and soon turned the tides of terrible conflict into our favor. After killing those jerks those on board got off to see what the damage was and to see why the light house had steered the ship the wrong way. Turns out that the ship is repairable and that the “lighthouse” was a fake. The elf, some crew members and I ventured to the actual light house. Once inside we found the corpses of women and children. We deducted that those scumbags were the reason for this…this atrocity…I’m glad we killed them, but I wish I could punch them in the face some more. After that venture we returned to the ship only to find a weird fish guy in the ship. Luckily the gnome lady, who had earlier helped to heal a dwarf who had fallen unconscious in battle, dazed the intruder. We tied him to a pole and carried it with us towards town. Before we go there some lizard people stopped us but after a brief talk were glad to hear of our triumph over those ugly pirates. We now head into town…



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