Tides of Terror

Elana's View

Elana's Adventure Log(Entry 2)

Its been awhile since we left the unfortunate town of Seawell, the place where we first where we met Mitchel Miles. Pursuing that monster led us to another town, where an ettin had tormenter the people. However, the “ettin” was once a human and, through our efforts, had recovered his human form. It turned out that he had killed Mitchel when he was an ettin but, when we returned to town, we found the doctor next to an open grave and a corpse. We asked when he dug up the grave but he had not…it was open from the inside. Turns out that Mitchel Miles is now a morgh and the body was his first victim as one, which became a zombie apparently. Its just my luck that we would run into those horrible undead creatures. We began to pursue him but we ran into several monsters on our chase, including a giant plant which killed ettin-man. Eventually we ran into a small city, where we rested and resupplied. It turns out that the city has been dealing with undead but of a different kind. They been fighting “wormy zombies”…ugh thats disgusting to even think about. Unfortunately a “normal” zombie was seen so that most likely means Mitchel was near. We bought a bag of holding, which Farakard holds, to hold our heavy stuff and decided to meet in the morning to investigate. The next day we decided to look at an abandoned mansion. Inside we found a secret passage way. We found a room in which a dark feel overcame us, but I think we are all fine. Coward then spoke about a red door and Gil dying because of a morgh-like creature, but we paid no attention to that because he seems to be like that all the time, he is just more annoying now. We went through the door, which was red by the way, an entered a room where a squid skeleton attacked from the flooded floor, but we quickly dispatched it, although I may of used a little too much of my power. As we continued we entered several rooms. On had this “skincakes” which attached to everyone except me and tool a good portion of Farakard’s skin. In another, through yet another red door, we ran into a woman who said that the seal was broken and proceeded to attack us. She was obviously undead so I went all- out on her, but she died quicker than expected. In one room, a monster like no other waited for us… a two-headed skeleton giant. That thing did not go down even after we all battled it, We tried running but it followed. I guess, in fear and rage, I got a little too close to the action and a little carried away. I used up all my power and, luckily, my construct took the blunt of the damage so the rest could get a good hit in. We dubbed that ugly undead dude as a “Skelettin.” We went in the room it was found in to see what it guarded and we found a couple of vials. We the got the heck out of there.



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