Tides of Terror

Field Report (Session 4)

My lady, I have come to you to report that I have dispatched of the pesky intruders who have come at your door. I can confirm to you that they were indeed from the party at the Hatlock Manor. They were apparently led by the Captain, who seemed to wish to sneak inside disguised as one of the guards. I must say this party was extremely foolish: When I first caught sight of them, they had attempted to fight an Energon without any preparation whatsoever. I was surprised to see that they succeeded. But seeing that they survived with their resources depleted, I took that as my opportunity.

What fools they were! They had just recently seen how dangerous the straw cottages of the village were, yet they decided to rest for the night with such close proximity to the Keep’s grounds. I almost felt pity for them when I realized that they had locked the door. As if a locked door would keep my rats and I away! They neglected to check the straw roofs and the small holes that we squeezed beneath! They were easily dispatched, and I left their bodies to rot in the swamplands where they lay. There were two more among them, two women who fled into the swamps at night. They appeared to be of no consequence, so I allowed the swamps to take them. I shall keep an eye out for any more attempts to enter the castle, and dispatch of them quickly should they try anything again. I know the likelihood is high, given the lack of intelligence of the group, and I will enjoy spilling their blood when they come back!



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