Tides of Terror

Hawkish Diary (session 2)

We finished exploring the dank, dark crypt. Why couldn’t it have some great dark secret library? Provided some help with the local guards moving the unconscious and idiotic to the guard house. Always a good idea to stay on the guards good side after all. Rested for the remainder of the night in the comfortable safety of the guard house. The next day, the halfling had apparently decided to run away. Bad idea. It was decided that we should go with the PIRATES to find the one responsible for the Spawn of Kyuss being active in a small, out of the way town like this. I dont mind looking for these things, it could be quite… enlightening.

After a week of preparation, we disembarked with the pirates. During the first leg of the journey, i acquainted myself with the ship ‘doctor’. An old man with a penchant for the necrotic. As bad an idea as that is, hes still the most intelligent one on the ship, well, aside from yours truly. Shortly into the first day, the ship was ambushed by Kappa. What were they doing on the ocean? We fought them off, but it was a close run thing. Next Kappa I see is getting both of my Javelins jammed up its rear. After the fight, it was quite necessary for us to dock to resupply.

We stopped at a little town, barely even worth mentioning. We got some supplies, including a few scrolls. Why the ship didn’t have a few healing scrolls or wand was to obscure for me to ever answer. After loading up again, we moved on to the final destination. After the uneventful remainder of the journey, we landed and started heading inland again. We were ambushed, again, by a group of Mongrels. That was a joke. Note to self, NEVER piss of the big guy. I do not want to be used as an impromptu club like the guard was. Seemed like the Mongrels were on the rich side, we had a lot of stuff to carry around so we headed back to the ship for the night.


at least “the guard” was a useful weapon (5d6) and Nigel almost criticaled while using him!

Hawkish Diary (session 2)

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