Tides of Terror

Hawkish Diary (Session 3)

We awoke to find most of the crew had food poisoning. Isnt it the captains responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen? Despite my protests, we moved out with half the group. Maybe a smaller group will be able to get around easier. And maybe the world will miraculously get more intelligent.

We found the castle we have been looking for. There was a small, petty, little village just outside it. It seemed like the town was empty. We eventually found a single person hanging around in the village. He seemed absolutely terrified that we were going to kill him. Why would we kill him? Apparently, after we calmed him down a bit, he told us that the people inside the castle killed everyone. We decided to check out the castle after hearing that.

When we got to the castle, we were attacked by some almost random arrows. Jeckkrov was put down almost instantly. I dragged him to cover behind some of the small buildings around the areas. Something about Jeckkrov seems weird so i didn’t cure him immediately, rather, i got him some regeneration. Seemed to be a good idea, when he got up, it seemed like he used a spell of inflict wounds to heal himself. Looks like hes got some connection to negative energy. When i next looked around, the fool of a first mate was missing. Why the hell did that fool of a captain put this coward kid in charge?

After helping Jeckkrov up, who seemed to be extra winded for some reason, Nigel showed up. I quickly cast a spell on his weapon to help him smash stuff. That is his job aint it? Next thing i know is that the brute was making a suicide charge on the main gate. Well, maybe not a suicide charge. He made it to the door and started smashing. It turns out that the castle defenders cant defend the gate. Who would have thought. Gotta keep that in mind when making a castle. After a moment i join Nigel at the Gate. He quickly breaks it down and starts charging UP the inner walls after the rest of the defenders. I move into the castle behind him, with the others that just turned out to be hiding. i moved out to check one of the sides of the portcullis. Just as i reached the inner door, it opened to reveal a masked figure. He caught me off guard and slashed at me. And caught me. Swords REALLY hurt. That is one piece of knowledge i could have lived without. I Instinctively grabbed him and cast my only offensive spell. He melted in a burst of negative energy, and i ran back around the corner to the rest. Turns out the ones I encountered weren’t the only ones moving against us. After a moment, i felt something hit me, and i passed out.



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