Tides of Terror

In Cade's Mind

Adventure Log. Session 2

The Hatlock heist was a mild success. I was able to get some gems and jewels but that ghsot ruined everything. Eris is missing and I was unable to get more stuff. Then the local guards locked me up with some fools, but i escaped as always. I went back to the mansion to score more treasure and find Eris, you know kill two birds with one stone. But when i entered, that ghost stopped me again but she wasn’t able to mess with me. She told me to lift some curse. Seemed like she didn’t want to attack. Oh well. I decided to leave and that I needed some cash so I took some from this gnome. I saw the ship where the guests from the Hatlock place were going to and decided that I would be able to get some treasure from there. I sneaked on but some jerk found me. Now I’m “part” of the crew. Oh well, maybe this way I’ll be able to find their stuff sooner.
Some weird things attacked after a while of traveling and one knocked me out. I have got to stop blacking out, it can’t be good for me. When I woke up we were sailing into a town, a perfect place to sell the Hatlock jewels. 100 gold, not bad for a night’s work. I went ahead and spent it on a chest and a lock, gotta keep my stolen goods safe don’t I?
I’m stuck going into a swamp with these chumps, and they don’t even clear the path of fallen branches and stuff…whats wrong with them!? As we walked on the big guy and old guard nearly fell in a hole and then were ambushed. Luckily for them I shot one of the ambushers. And besides, the big guy seems like he can take and give a punch, which can be useful for me later on. After the fight I scored a nice set of armor, I might be able to sell it for a good price if I make it a novelty. I’ll need to wait to sell however, so I’ll take some more gold from the gnome and others for now.


LOL, i thought we were friends… not really

In Cade's Mind

is what willis will say if and when he finds out

In Cade's Mind

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