Tides of Terror

In Cade's Mind

Adventure Log. Session 3

When I woke up this morning, most of the ship’s crew was sick and the captain put the kid in charge. We were suppose to find the suspect behind the Hatlock murder who lived in the swamp. I don’t even care about this so I confronted the captain about this. He agreed to let me have his shares of this expedition, a nice payoff. So the kid, the doctor, the woman, the gnome, the big guy, and I walked to wherever we were going. These idiots STILL don’t clear the path, I swear they are all barbarians. After a while of traveling we found a village that was made of grass huts and tents with a castle at the center and fog all over, this is just creepy. I heard coughing in one the huts so I pointed it out and I took cover. For some idiotic reason, the gnome threw a rock into the window, luckily it was only some insane guy in the hut. We explained what we were here for and he confirm that whoever we are looking for is in the castle. When we walked up to the door, arrows flew out knocking down the doctor and then some loud bang happened. I could not hear so I decided to take cover behind a hut. I noticed that the others did the same except for that kid…he ran away, some first-mate he is. I pulled out my rope and grappling hook and signaled to the others that I was going to scale the wall. Just before I moved into position, the big guy ran up to the others and started to bust down the door. I decided to keep climbing, give them the height advantage. When I got to the top I saw that the tip of one of the castle spires was broken while the other was not. Whatever lived here doesn’t know how to make things look correctly, so I climbed up to the complete one and broke it, and when I was done it looked perfect. When I looked over to see the others, they were retreating. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have a look around. I checked out two rooms and found some gold, two dice, and an old deck of cards. I noticed that some of the creatures were returning to their post, so I laid down a card as bait…I didn’t work…I waited so long my hearing returned! I then decided to jam the locks on the doors, trapping a couple of those things. I then tied a rope to the top of a roof, so that I can get my allies in the fortress without a problem and so that I can move about easier. I saw one of those things on patrol on the outer wall. That was my chance to get one of them and see what they are, because I couldn’t tell…they had masks. I made a lasso out of my other rope and when he came by I tied him up. I then jumped off the roof, bringing him down off the wall and out of the castle. He seemed like he was still able to beat me up, so I shot him and I…sort of killed him. Oh well I’m sure that a corpse is better than nothing.


Hey, you knew Willis’ name by the time we went to the castle, why you still calling em “the gnome” not that it matters, he is dead

In Cade's Mind

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