Tides of Terror

Jeckkrov's Report 1

Session 3

Group Statistics:
10% Intelligence and actual planning
5% Brute Strength
5% Miracles
80% Ass-Hattery

What I thought was going to be an interesting day turned into a jumbled mess of relative stupidity. Most of our group had come down with a sudden case of food poisoning which is hard to imagine since the smell of spoiled meat is very distinct. Our “intelligent” captain then decided to put Ol’ Peter Pan in charge who then lead us to an abandoned town. He then thought it would be a good idea to enter the castle and get to the source of the problem. We were met with a volley volley of arrows. One of the arrows managed to pierce my gut and I blacked out. I woke up next to the thankfully intelligent Aria behind an empty hut still under fire from the castle walls. Peter Pan was nowhere to be seen so I assume that he ran away. Also I could not see the short one anywhere so I assume he ran away as well. Nigel then showed up out of nowhere and managed to break down the castle gate. Once inside the brute began to scale the inner wall and pick off our enemies one at a time. Meanwhile us non-fighters moved in behind Nigel just to cornered by the enemy. Once again I was knocked out only to wake later to the sight of Aria and the other short one over Nigel’s shoulders running away. I managed to crawl away just enough for Nigel to come back for me. The other short one was bleeding quite a bit but I was unable to stop it. I believe he did not make it. That is one more thing I have to dissect. My breathing problems started again during the fight. I must find a way to fix it. I feel that if we actually had a plan, things may not have turned out the way they did. Jack will never be a good leader or captain of the ship. I will see to that personally.

- Imperative that I continue my research
- Fix food poisoning
- Punish Jack


more like:
20% brute strength (nigel is the only reason we are all still alive)
79.8% ass-hatery
.2% intelegence
0% miracles

Jeckkrov's Report 1

make that
Nigel is the only reason everyone except me is alive
Nigel actually failed at saving me… as did you…

Jeckkrov's Report 1

This post made my evening. It’s good to see we are led by an imbecilic child in the absence of good sense.

Jeckkrov's Report 1

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