Tides of Terror

Willis' Diary Entry (Session 2)

the past few days have certainly been a interesting series of events. After arriving in town to attend the party at the Hatlock Manor i was told that said party was canceled due to a murder and was directed to the guard station for more details, soon afterwards i joined up on a crew to set sail and find the murderer. We spent a week in town in which time i gathered money and lifted spirits by playing my lute int the town square (easy money), where i befriended one of my fellow crew members, a young halfling man of whom i still do not know the name of. Also part of the crew were a hulking man named Nigel who, while he may be strong, is not to bright, there is also a town guard namedEustace and his friend, Jekkrov the ships doctor (but he is not to good at his job), There is also the Mysterious women in the robes and the overly paranoid man,Captain Jeffery Dove and his first mate Johny-Boy. I spent my time on board playing music until we ambushed by a gang of Kapas, although i don’t know the exact details of the fight(because i was knocked unconscious), i do know that we won. The next day we stopped at a small town to gather supplies and i gathered money by playing music. Yup, these past few days sure have been interesting, my life just got a whole lot more exiting….


This is magnificent.

Willis' Diary Entry (Session 2)

Ahh, I apologize, I clicked the wrong post! Evan, you have a severe need to capitalize your ’I’s.

Willis' Diary Entry (Session 2)

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