Katarin Tolstoff

Beautiful Noblewoman


Katarin is a woman with sandy hair and startling blue eyes, with smooth and clean skin. Most of the time, she lets her luxurious locks hang free, but she takes the time to pile her hair on top of her head, accenting the look with a beautiful dress and some pieces of jewelry when trying to impress.


Katarin Tolstoff is the heiress of the Tolstoff Barony. She is a young woman of considerable beauty who spends her time socializing with the aristocracy of various nearby provinces. If there is an important event anywhere near her homeland, she is sure to try and catch it as she courts the various lords who attend.

Katarin retired early from the party and was noticeably absent during the confusion that happened afterwards.Cade Greenhill discovered a blond-haired woman leaving the manor by carriage and Gernab Fonnock noticed that she was not in her room. Whether this blond-haired woman is Katarin or not is a mystery.

Katarin Tolstoff

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