Up-and-Coming Adventurer


Martok is a young adventurer who joinedJohnathan Hatlock’s party as one of the up-and-coming adventurers who shares tales with others. He was left on the doorstop of an orphanage at a young age. He grew up there, and when he became of age, he went out to help the world. He is always loyal to those he considers his siblings.

Martok talked about a time he helped a comrade from the Schola Hekatukar traverse close to the land of Barovia and the strange things he had seen there.

When Lord Hatlock died, Martok helped the party subdue the dreaded Spawn of Kyuss that found itself in the basement, at a terrible price. He was infected by one of the beast’s worms and lost consciousness. Though the party attempted to get him to a cleric, he succumbed and himself was transformed into a Spawn of Kyuss.


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