Our Bag of Loot Holding [Farakard]

A large ruksack we stash our supplies within. How handy!


Within are the contents in the Bag (A Bag of Holding Mark 1) and the objects respective owners. Unclaimed loot or undivvied money will be starred. All this is also on a paper hard-copy Farakard keeps when the bag is to be accessed to be sure- and settle any possible property disputes which might arise. What a nice guy!
Maximum Load (250 lb) Total Weight Occupied (155/250 lb)

Pint of Oil (x10) 10 lb [Caiphas]
Hemp Rope (50’) 10 lb [Caiphas]
Canvas Tent 20 lb [Caiphas]
Bull’s Eye Lantern 3 lb[Caiphas]
Weight Used: 43 lb

Bedroll (Human) 5 lb [Elana]
Think Winter Blanket 3 lb [Elana]
Pint of Oil (x10) 10 lb [Elana]
Canvas Tent (Girly) 20 lb [Elana]
Hemp Rope (50’) 10 lb [Elana]
Day’s Road Rations (x7) 7 lb [Elana]
Prybar 5 lb[Elana]
Furry Lady’s Clothes (Winter?) 7 lb [Elana]
Weight Used: 67 lb *Tell the lass to carry her own damnable clothes.

Bedroll [Farakard](Normal) 5 lb [Farakard]
Ball-Head Hammer 2 lb [Farakard]
Shovel 8 lb [Farakard]
Sledge Hammer 10 lb [Farakard]
Hemp Rope (50’) 10 lb [Farakard]
Iron Cooking Pot 10 lb [Farakard]
Weight Used: 45 lb

(Assorted Miscellania)
Golden Bracelet
Weight Used: Negligible


Purchased from a nameless drone inhabiting an unremarkable city, it was placed into the hands of Farakard to ensure saftey, and relieve the party of unneccesary cumbersome articles.

Our Bag of Loot Holding [Farakard]

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