Tides of Terror

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An Invitation
From the Pen of Jonathan Hatlock


My name isJohnathan Hatlock, lord of Hatlock Manor in the township of Gandolwire, located upon the scenic Western Coast of the Lands of Lacia. For years I have been hosting a yearly party at Hatlock Manor, to alleviate the boredom of the cold winter months. You are invited to share your tales of adventure with fellows at my home. I will provide refreshment and lodging for the duration of the dinner party. You provide the entertainment. This year’s special guest is none other than the great seafarer, Geoffrey Dove. Do not miss his delightful tales.

Johnathan Hatlock
Lord of Hatlock Manor and Gandolwire
Kingdom of Lacia.

From the Diary of Aria Hawkish (Session 1)

Finally reached the town I got the invite from. The town is apparently on the unintelligent side, the the local stores don’t have anything at all that i haven’t seen in every other town. I made it to the mansion i was invited to. The party seemed to be quite a few travelers with stories to tell. I listened to them until the one named Eris decided to bring out that box she claimed could speak to the dead. Ive heard of spells that can, but never a box that can. It seemed interesting until the box started to say something about giving up worldly belongings. At that point, paying much closer attention to the box, i noticed it was a spell imitating the dead wife’s voice. After i called Eris out on it, she tried to continue to play it off. Ignoring the obvious attempt at stealing belongings, dinner was ended and everyone retired for the night. During the night, apparently there was screaming that woke everyone up, except for me. The commotion afterword woke me up, just in time for me to find out that the owner of the mansion had died. Trying to find out what happened, we found Eris hiding in a room full of gems and other expensive items. After confronting her, she claimed to know nothing about the owners death. In fact she seemed absolutely terrified. Shortly after confronting her, we heard some commotion and two of the others went off to see what happened. Moments later, they came running back like death was on their backs. The big one immediately moved an entire wardrobe into doorway. He then jerked like he was hit by something big. Obviously hurt, i cast a spell to get him back on his feet. in an attempt to get out of the room, he then tried to smash his way out through the window. somehow, he bounced of the window. We then heard what sounded like bells ringing downstairs. after a moment, we headed down to investigate when we found one of the local guards investigating the ruckus in the mansion. He brought us to his commander just in time for us to encounter a Spawn of Kyuss. It had infected one of the guards. We quickly dispatched it, but one of the others were infected during the scuffle. He was taken of to attempt to be healed of the infection at the towns healer. After that we headed down into the bottom cellars of the mansion.

From the Mind of Mr. Crown (Session 1)
Because he doesn't have a pen

Today started well enough. Woke up without that ache in my knee, and the room smelled like flowers. I think the Land-Lady’s been perfuming my door, she has said I reek of metal. Can’t imagine why. Spent the ‘fore-dawn shining my mail and sword, and decided to bring that little boot-dagger I’d bought at that traveling festival some time ago.

Well, I’d strapped up steels and marched down the Watch House to see the assignment boaEustace Crownrd. “CROWN- Mn St Gate Hs.” It had just started to drizzle.

So, I spend the morning and after-noon in that outhouse by the town edge, say g’morning to the locals and travelers. Every damn one of ‘em stepped on the worms. It’s hard not to do, but these pedestrians were at it like they were goin’ for a medal.

Time rolls on, there were some shenanigans by the Dock and an angry worker got brained by another “”/campaigns/tides-of-terror/characters/archer-longshaft" class=“wiki-content-link”>mysterious stranger." Those fools won’t fess up- they’re getting beat by a woman, I can feel it.

Trailing into the evening I sat in that gatehouse waiting for my relief to come (bastard missed my break to eat at noon) and from the house on the hill I hear a shrill little scream off the wind. Rousin’ the others I make way up to the manor of old Hatlock, and see the door cleaved in.

The other guards and I split to explore with the rods ablaze, and as George and I hit the top of the stairs some translucent bitch has the nerve to appear from the wall and produce an axe in my face. I would’ve let her have it, but I remembered that I’d left something horribly valuable back with the other guards who went off the main foyer- so I calmly went to fetch them. Two of the boys seem to go down into the cellar from this side room (which was remarkably unadorned and bland for such a fancy home). I can’t clearly remember what happened next, but there’s an angsty broad in a robe that clinks, a Tree-Rat with a bow (typical), a wee-man with acclaimed pilfering fingers, and a great bloke the size of a house- I quite like him. Moderate chaos ensues, some of us descend to the cellar where I’d met Wormy (ah, I failed to mention that. Was George, now Wormy. Wormy infected one of Hatlocks’ guests, too) and off’d ourselves to find my other guard, and perhaps whatever had infested poor George (resthisheart).

I shackle an ass-hat son of Hatlock to a keg and hand him my mace, and take our Motley Crew through a door hidden in a wine cask (a serious violation of the King’s Building Code, I made a note to add that to my report). It trailed on for a ways; we came across poor Detritus (resthisheart), and an old family tomb (?) with an open casket. The big one said something about a box. Sweet Gods the paperwork that will come.

Willis' Diary Entry (Session 2)

the past few days have certainly been a interesting series of events. After arriving in town to attend the party at the Hatlock Manor i was told that said party was canceled due to a murder and was directed to the guard station for more details, soon afterwards i joined up on a crew to set sail and find the murderer. We spent a week in town in which time i gathered money and lifted spirits by playing my lute int the town square (easy money), where i befriended one of my fellow crew members, a young halfling man of whom i still do not know the name of. Also part of the crew were a hulking man named Nigel who, while he may be strong, is not to bright, there is also a town guard namedEustace and his friend, Jekkrov the ships doctor (but he is not to good at his job), There is also the Mysterious women in the robes and the overly paranoid man,Captain Jeffery Dove and his first mate Johny-Boy. I spent my time on board playing music until we ambushed by a gang of Kapas, although i don’t know the exact details of the fight(because i was knocked unconscious), i do know that we won. The next day we stopped at a small town to gather supplies and i gathered money by playing music. Yup, these past few days sure have been interesting, my life just got a whole lot more exiting….

From Nigel's Diary
Adventure Log Session 2

Session 2a


In Cade's Mind
Adventure Log. Session 2

The Hatlock heist was a mild success. I was able to get some gems and jewels but that ghsot ruined everything. Eris is missing and I was unable to get more stuff. Then the local guards locked me up with some fools, but i escaped as always. I went back to the mansion to score more treasure and find Eris, you know kill two birds with one stone. But when i entered, that ghost stopped me again but she wasn’t able to mess with me. She told me to lift some curse. Seemed like she didn’t want to attack. Oh well. I decided to leave and that I needed some cash so I took some from this gnome. I saw the ship where the guests from the Hatlock place were going to and decided that I would be able to get some treasure from there. I sneaked on but some jerk found me. Now I’m “part” of the crew. Oh well, maybe this way I’ll be able to find their stuff sooner.
Some weird things attacked after a while of traveling and one knocked me out. I have got to stop blacking out, it can’t be good for me. When I woke up we were sailing into a town, a perfect place to sell the Hatlock jewels. 100 gold, not bad for a night’s work. I went ahead and spent it on a chest and a lock, gotta keep my stolen goods safe don’t I?
I’m stuck going into a swamp with these chumps, and they don’t even clear the path of fallen branches and stuff…whats wrong with them!? As we walked on the big guy and old guard nearly fell in a hole and then were ambushed. Luckily for them I shot one of the ambushers. And besides, the big guy seems like he can take and give a punch, which can be useful for me later on. After the fight I scored a nice set of armor, I might be able to sell it for a good price if I make it a novelty. I’ll need to wait to sell however, so I’ll take some more gold from the gnome and others for now.

Hawkish Diary (session 2)

We finished exploring the dank, dark crypt. Why couldn’t it have some great dark secret library? Provided some help with the local guards moving the unconscious and idiotic to the guard house. Always a good idea to stay on the guards good side after all. Rested for the remainder of the night in the comfortable safety of the guard house. The next day, the halfling had apparently decided to run away. Bad idea. It was decided that we should go with the PIRATES to find the one responsible for the Spawn of Kyuss being active in a small, out of the way town like this. I dont mind looking for these things, it could be quite… enlightening.

After a week of preparation, we disembarked with the pirates. During the first leg of the journey, i acquainted myself with the ship ‘doctor’. An old man with a penchant for the necrotic. As bad an idea as that is, hes still the most intelligent one on the ship, well, aside from yours truly. Shortly into the first day, the ship was ambushed by Kappa. What were they doing on the ocean? We fought them off, but it was a close run thing. Next Kappa I see is getting both of my Javelins jammed up its rear. After the fight, it was quite necessary for us to dock to resupply.

We stopped at a little town, barely even worth mentioning. We got some supplies, including a few scrolls. Why the ship didn’t have a few healing scrolls or wand was to obscure for me to ever answer. After loading up again, we moved on to the final destination. After the uneventful remainder of the journey, we landed and started heading inland again. We were ambushed, again, by a group of Mongrels. That was a joke. Note to self, NEVER piss of the big guy. I do not want to be used as an impromptu club like the guard was. Seemed like the Mongrels were on the rich side, we had a lot of stuff to carry around so we headed back to the ship for the night.

In Cade's Mind
Adventure Log. Session 3

When I woke up this morning, most of the ship’s crew was sick and the captain put the kid in charge. We were suppose to find the suspect behind the Hatlock murder who lived in the swamp. I don’t even care about this so I confronted the captain about this. He agreed to let me have his shares of this expedition, a nice payoff. So the kid, the doctor, the woman, the gnome, the big guy, and I walked to wherever we were going. These idiots STILL don’t clear the path, I swear they are all barbarians. After a while of traveling we found a village that was made of grass huts and tents with a castle at the center and fog all over, this is just creepy. I heard coughing in one the huts so I pointed it out and I took cover. For some idiotic reason, the gnome threw a rock into the window, luckily it was only some insane guy in the hut. We explained what we were here for and he confirm that whoever we are looking for is in the castle. When we walked up to the door, arrows flew out knocking down the doctor and then some loud bang happened. I could not hear so I decided to take cover behind a hut. I noticed that the others did the same except for that kid…he ran away, some first-mate he is. I pulled out my rope and grappling hook and signaled to the others that I was going to scale the wall. Just before I moved into position, the big guy ran up to the others and started to bust down the door. I decided to keep climbing, give them the height advantage. When I got to the top I saw that the tip of one of the castle spires was broken while the other was not. Whatever lived here doesn’t know how to make things look correctly, so I climbed up to the complete one and broke it, and when I was done it looked perfect. When I looked over to see the others, they were retreating. This gave me the perfect opportunity to have a look around. I checked out two rooms and found some gold, two dice, and an old deck of cards. I noticed that some of the creatures were returning to their post, so I laid down a card as bait…I didn’t work…I waited so long my hearing returned! I then decided to jam the locks on the doors, trapping a couple of those things. I then tied a rope to the top of a roof, so that I can get my allies in the fortress without a problem and so that I can move about easier. I saw one of those things on patrol on the outer wall. That was my chance to get one of them and see what they are, because I couldn’t tell…they had masks. I made a lasso out of my other rope and when he came by I tied him up. I then jumped off the roof, bringing him down off the wall and out of the castle. He seemed like he was still able to beat me up, so I shot him and I…sort of killed him. Oh well I’m sure that a corpse is better than nothing.

Jeckkrov's Report 1
Session 3

Group Statistics:
10% Intelligence and actual planning
5% Brute Strength
5% Miracles
80% Ass-Hattery

What I thought was going to be an interesting day turned into a jumbled mess of relative stupidity. Most of our group had come down with a sudden case of food poisoning which is hard to imagine since the smell of spoiled meat is very distinct. Our “intelligent” captain then decided to put Ol’ Peter Pan in charge who then lead us to an abandoned town. He then thought it would be a good idea to enter the castle and get to the source of the problem. We were met with a volley volley of arrows. One of the arrows managed to pierce my gut and I blacked out. I woke up next to the thankfully intelligent Aria behind an empty hut still under fire from the castle walls. Peter Pan was nowhere to be seen so I assume that he ran away. Also I could not see the short one anywhere so I assume he ran away as well. Nigel then showed up out of nowhere and managed to break down the castle gate. Once inside the brute began to scale the inner wall and pick off our enemies one at a time. Meanwhile us non-fighters moved in behind Nigel just to cornered by the enemy. Once again I was knocked out only to wake later to the sight of Aria and the other short one over Nigel’s shoulders running away. I managed to crawl away just enough for Nigel to come back for me. The other short one was bleeding quite a bit but I was unable to stop it. I believe he did not make it. That is one more thing I have to dissect. My breathing problems started again during the fight. I must find a way to fix it. I feel that if we actually had a plan, things may not have turned out the way they did. Jack will never be a good leader or captain of the ship. I will see to that personally.

- Imperative that I continue my research
- Fix food poisoning
- Punish Jack


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