Tag: Newkeep


  • Aranda

    Aranda is the elder of [[Newkeep]]. She lives and keeps office in the keep and often guilts people into working on the building using her grandmotherly charms.

  • Hanna

    Hannah is the closest thing [[Newkeep]] has to an innkeeper. She opens her home up to anyone who travels through the town. She offers her home to the party and recalls the previous group of adventurers who stayed at her home.

  • Malwick

    Malwick is the son of a human fighter and an elf woman. Malwick’s mother died during childbirth, forcing his father to retire from adventuring and raise his son. The ettin recently killed Malwick’s father with a single blow while Malwick could only watch. …

  • Restik

    Restik is the local priest in [[Newkeep]]. He lived and too care of the shrine before the town existed, offering the land as a new home for the people as they fled from the wizard Stondylus' rule. He shows the party the mysterious Ettin's Riddle on the …

  • Muck

    Muck is an Ettin who attacks the town of [[Newkeep]]. He is apparently one of the two heads that embody this particular Ettin, and is a rampaging giant. He is a personality that took over the body of a cleric of Heironeous. Muck attacks Newkeep every day, …